Turbo Charge your Presentation Skills!

How are your Presentation Skills?

Most of us know being being able to give a good, professional, presentation, is an important skill within the workplace. Knowing you can do this is a great confidence booster and career enhancer. Feeling shy and awkward about your presentation skills can cause huge stress, embarrassment, and ultimately hinder your career prospects.

Next presentation skills training event is will be in February 2020 at Teesside University, Darlington! Click here for more details.

So you know you’d like some training in this area, but where you do go? 

  • YouTube is a great resource, but it can’t give you feed back.
  • And life’s busy enough without having to spend a long day, with a large group of strangers, listening to a trainer read helpful tips (which you’ve heard a 100 times before) from Powerpoint slides in between lots of ‘coffee and networking’ breaks.

Why choose me for your Presentation Skills Training?

I am a Yorkshire based learning specialist with nearly 20 years experience.  I regularly work as a freelance business trainer and coach.

As a locally based independent trainer,  I can offer you a personalised, friendly,  professional service which can be tailored to your own needs.

One size doesn’t fit all and I do not approach my workshops relying on templates, whole group exercises, and standardised Powerpoints.

My Presentation Skills Training groups are kept very small (usually SIX to a group maximum) with the emphasis on mutual support and no-nonsense-straight-to-the-point effective techniques.  I am a friendly coach – not a ‘fluffy’ one!

And I NEVER waste your time with multiple coffee breaks, fillers, pointless group work, and over-long lunches.  The time you spend with me is only ever focussed on your learning, and price you pay for one of my workshops reflects my ‘no unnecessary padding’ approach.

All of my workshops include a personalised follow up service and I enjoy staying in contact with you after the event. 

My Presentation Skills workshop will teach you:

  • Why are some people great at presentations, and others less so? How you can be more like the first group.
  • How to create and structure your presentation to enhance delivery.
  • How to make it engaging and interesting.
  • “You gotta speed it up then slow it down” – or have you?  Slow and steady isn’t always best.
  • Tried and tested techniques for handling nerves before and during your presentation (note: there are no cliches about imagining your audience naked here.)
  • Dealing with an unresponsive audience. 
  • Confidently handling any questions afterwards.

This is a full, fun, and extremely effective workshop.

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Your satisfaction is my reputation.

If you would like to chat with me about a training event, coaching, or anything related, please do feel free to contact me.  There is no obligation, I will not save or spam your email address, and I respond in full to messages within 24 hours.

“I promise that you will leave my workshop a more confident and effective speaker!”