Training for Online Presenting

Are you thinking about presenting online?  Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do only 1/3rd of people who register actually attend the webinar they spent time registering for?
  • For how long should you be talking?
  • Are people actually listening to you (or busy doing online shopping/reading a magazine/texting a friend), and how can you tell …
  • … and what can you do about this?
  • Should you allow your presentation to be recorded? Can you stop them if you’re not happy about this?
  • Do you really need a Q&A?


Online presentations are different to presenting face to face.  Why? Well, for a start …

  • You can’t usually see your audience – so you’re kind of talking to yourself.
  • You can’t gauge feedback -there’s no body language or facial expressions to read, so you don’t know if you should speed it up, or slow it down.
  • You may have a little box in the corner of your screen rapidly filling up with questions and comments while you’re talking – should you engage with them and break your flow and risk messing up your timings? Or just ignore them? Which is best?
  • And most of us are a little uncomfortable being on camera!

If you need to start presenting online, whether for work, or because you are building your own brand, and would like some guidance then please contact me.

I regularly present online, both my own webinars and training sessions for other businesses. My webinars are consistently rated 5*.  Feedback includes:

“The Presenter was very good and personable.”

“It was interactive, well managed and interesting.”

I can support you with tips and tricks which I have learnt over the years, and show you how to get it right, and how not to get it wrong!

Why not drop me an email and ask about my training for online presentations – it costs nothing to ask!