Staff Training and Development – An Employer’s Crossroads of Danger and Opportunity

Sadly, staff training is often viewed as an an expendable cost.  Traditionally, it has been seen as a ‘nice to have’ afterthought rather than something to be planned for and invested in. Why?  Well, as a small business owner myself, I can vouch that most start-ups in their early days walk a fine line when it comes to disposable income and choosing what to spend money on.  There is also the reasoning that for every minute your staff are not doing the job you pay them to do, they are in fact costing you money rather than earning it for you!

As such, small businesses have reluctantly gone for the ‘Sit By Nellie’ or ‘Show and Tell’ methods of staff training so a new starter is paired with a more experienced buddy who shows them the ropes.   Does this work well – well, no.

Good and consistent staff training should be seen as an essential for any serious business.  Most job roles, particularly those which are customer facing or require working with a client’s property or data, will benefit from the investment of professional training advice.  For example, you might not think you need a professional to show your new starter how to pack widgets in a box but let’s suppose the widgets are very expensive.  Too many in a box may lead to damage and breakages, and packages which don’t arrive on time (or at all!) because they’ve been badly or incorrectly packaged.

And there’s another benefit too …

Businesses which invest in staff training and development have a much lower staff turnover ratio than those which don’t.  Or to put it another way, not factoring in some training budget often leads to increased expenditure down the line in staff replacement costs.  So if you really want to save money, it always pays to invest in quality bespoke professional training advice.


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Author: marydonne

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