Personal Performance Coaching

Do you want to level up your life? Find your purpose and passion? Or simply work at your highest and brightest level? 


Mary Donné personal performance coaching

You do? Then read on.

Performance coaching helps people explore their ambitions and motivations, and work through any mental or practical blocks that might be holding them back. It is particularly useful for:

  • Setting practical and achievable goals.
  • Developing new skills. 
  • Addressing and overcoming negative or self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Inspiring and developing team cohesion and successes. 
  • Understanding your own motivations, wants, and needs. 

Some specific areas in which coaching could help you include:

Preparation for Panel/Media/Job interviews: 

Coaching can help you decide the key messages you want to get across. We work with your own natural style and within your own comfort zone, so your delivery and performance are are relaxed and authentic. We prepare for any likely (or surprising!) questions you might have to deal with, and develop techniques to keep you on point and take the conversation to where you want it to go.

Emerging and Established Leaders:

Coaching helps emerging and established leaders find their own communication and management style. A coach can also provide a useful neutral ‘sounding board’ for the day to day challenges that senior business leaders experience, allowing them to work through specific issues.

Career Changers:

Making a change at senior level or later in life can be a very big decision, so it’s important to be crystal clear on what you want to achieve and what the potential pitfalls might be. Coaching can help you work through the options, develop a clear vision, and put in place a roadmap of how best to achieve your objectives, and how to deal with any bumps along the way.

Work/Life Balance:

So you’re feeling frazzled, but at the same time like you’re not doing enough? Can’t stop thinking about work, and feeling simultaneously guilty about not focussing on your children/partner/fitness/personal development? Coaching can help you develop the tools to prioritise what’s really important, assertively and skilfully manage your day to day scheduling, and establish and stick to healthy and effective boundaries. 




Interested? Or just want to find out some more about coaching?

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